Knowledge Is Not Power

A Few months ago I was talking to a very knowledgeable pensioner. He had insights in a lot of industries and businesses. He told me how to run a successful business and how to lead a happy and successful life. I went home really puzzled to why a very knowledgeable person can be so unsuccessful and unfulfilled, then it hit me, what you know doesn’t make you successful, what you do with what you know makes you successful, You can change any area of your life by taking action on what you know. The order I get the more I realise that successful people are not at the top of their industry because they know more than the rest, they are on top because they take more action than everyone else. A lot of Managers know that if you treat the employees’ right they will stay in the organisation and…read more >

Too Busy to make Progress

A few years ago I was working in a very busy outpatients department and the one thing I remember is that I did not have a day were I was clock watching because it was just very busy. I would arrive at reception at 8:30am and before I even turned my computer on I had doctors asking me for all kind of printed lists and before long the patients were queuing up and the day of dealing with query after query and complaint after complaint began. I felt like I did not have enough time to do all I need to do so I went in on weekends on my own time to finish off some of the work that was not done in the week. I worked all the hours under the sun but I always felt like I was not making any progress in the job, in myself…read more >

Stop snoozing all over your dream

You know those days you get inspirational to change your life, you sit there and say to yourself that tomorrow is the day that I will begin to change my life, I will get up early and go for a run around the block, I will then come back home and read or listen to something inspirational. I will then have some healthy breakfast and I will leave home on time and I will not be rushing anywhere. The next morning that alarm clock goes off and what is the first thing you do? Yes you guessed it, press the snooze button and go back to bed. You then press the snooze button several more times until you have to get out of bed and you repeat what you have always done over the years, rush to the bathroom, have chocolate cake for breakfast because the only thing you csn…read more >

Stop fighting other people’s battles

A few years ago I was working with someone was very difficult to work to get on with. This person would come in and would not talk to anyone in the department and you know what I did? I did not speak to her either. I would say things like if she won’t speak to me I won’t speak to her either. The days were long, the performance in our department was poor, people did not like coming up to us because there was always something going on. She would go and tell other people about me and I would go and tell other people about her. This carried on until our manager was able to move her. She was moved to do something else I felt like I had won. It dawned on me the other day that I had won nothing, in fact I had lost that battle,…read more >

You will never be successful until you have the right team around you

He was one my first regular coaching clients, he walked into the coffee shop we usually meet in, he sat down and said “ I feel like giving up because my friends do not support my new dreams”. I was a little disappointed with this because I thought we had made a lot of progress the previous week. However i did not let the disappointment get the better of me so like a good coach I asked a few more questions. I asked him if his friends had set goals for the future and his response was no. I then asked him if he expected happy go lucky people to be supportive towards his dream? For the first time that day he looked in eyes and I could see a knew sparkle and he said “I need my dream team” When I made a decision to become a motivational speaker…read more >

If it is broken, fix it

A few days ago a new NEXT store opened near my house and I along with a lot of other people went along to see how the new store looks like. I picked a pair of trousers that i liked and went to try them on. As I got to the fitting rooms I looked at them and thought these trousers have been labelled wrong, so I tried them on just to confirm what I was thinking. I went back to the shop floor and I told a member of staff these trousers are not labelled right. I went to look at other trousers and as I was looking around, I realised that when I told the member of staff about the faulty labelling on the trousers they did not put them away but theyjust took them back where I got them from. I had to take them back and…read more >

Opportunities always hide themselves in your struggles

Five years ago I was having lunch with a few of my friends and one of our friends had just started a new job and it was not going well. He told us how his boss and all team were treating him. He spoke about how he was looking forward to starting a new job after working so hard at university but everything was falling apart now. We had never seen him that emotional, he put his head on the table and then of sudden….. Oh my goodness me! This is an opportunity he shouted. If only can improve my public speaking skills and presentation skills I can teach organizations how to treat employees better. Fast forward five years later, my friend has been training businesses across the world for the last three years, he is very successful and still has a long way to go. A lot of times…read more >

Lead The Whole Team

A few years ago a friend of mine who leads a team of eight was telling me about the best people he has in his team. He talked about these three people who work very hard and he told me that if needed anything done he knew that these three people will get it done. He went on to tell me that he doesn’t know what he would do if he did not have these three people. My grandfather always told me that if your team is not doing well as a leader you must first ask yourself what you are doing wrong. I asked my friend if he has sent the five members of his team on the training that his best performers have been on, he said no, I then asked him if he thinks he has given the five members of his team the chance to show…read more >

Surround yourself with people who lift you up

A lot of people laughed at me when I set a goal to go to University Just after failing my high school exams. The class I was in after failing my exams was filled with all the people who had not done well in their exams so as you can imagine having a goal like mine made me a laughing stock in our class. I tried to spend a bit time with people who had done well in their exams so that I can learn from them but all they did was ridicule me, Very quickly I realised that if I was going to turn my life around I had to do it on my own until I found people who were on my side. So for the rest of that year soldered on my own, had lunch on my own, went to school on my own, I studied on…read more >

Achieved your goal but still not Happy? Here is why

After finding out that I had failed my high school exams I set a goal to go to University. I thought that if I made it to university and graduated I would be very happy. The road to University was very difficult and the road to the graduation stage was even more difficult. I remember the day I found out that I had made to university; I was so overjoyed for like a day or two but very quickly that joy disappeared and I went back to feeling like I was not ready for the next challenge, I went through university with terrible anxiety and depression but the thought that I was going to be happy when get to the end of the journey kept me going. However, when the day of graduation arrived I felt absolutely nothing, everyone in my house was up and ready long before I even…read more >